Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador Is Japanese Spice

Japanese aftermarket developer Liberty Walk is truly unapologetic about its body kits and you know what? We love their work, at least most of it. These guys gift sportcars and supercars with body kits that resemble the world of motorsports without crossing the overkill border and they’ve now released the first finished product images of their Lamborghini Aventador suit.
Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador 4 photos
Liberty Walk Lamborghini AventadorLiberty Walk Lamborghini AventadorLiberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador
They’ve been teasing the Aventador development for a few months now and we’re pleased to see the final result, namely the car with the full body kit on and dressed in the Smurf-like shade of Blue we’ve seen on most of the tuner’s cars.

As we know from a series of more or less leaked images, Liberty Walk used an Aventador 50th Anniversario, one of the only 200 cars ever built (100 Coupes and 100 Roadsters).

The LB Performance body kit consists of the signature riveted-on fenders, a front arpon that includes a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) splitter and side blades made of the same material.

On the sides of the car, we find custom skirts, as well as a pair of wings similar to what Ferrari offers on the 458 Speciale, while both the lower and the superior air intakes have been gifted with custom elements.
It's not all good though
Remember when we said we enjoy most of Liberty Walk’s work? Well, the part that grinds our gears concerns the rear wings they like to put on cars. While the rest of the kit is a truly original approach, LB Performance couldn’t help themselves and did what almost every tuner that grabs an Aventador does - they slapped a massive rear to the rear of the Lambo.

In fact, this is the largest wing we’ve seen on an Aventador, but we still don’t see why the stock active unit had to be replaced. Perhaps they were looking for the extra horses that are known to come with such spoilers.

Liberty Walk also took the time to gift their Aventador with an extremely loud exhaust and you can listen to this in the clip below. We hope the pipping includes some valves - you wouldn’t want your Lambo to be screaming like crazy all the time, would you?


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