Lexus RZ 450e Buyers Getting Optional 240-volt Level 2 Home Charging Tech

Lexus took the Toyota bZ4X, sprinkled some of its Takumi-inspired automotive magic on it, added specific design cues, and the RZ 450e appeared. If you’re planning on owning one soon or are currently awaiting delivery, then you need to know what the partnership with ChargePoint and Qmerit will bring. But don’t get too excited – there are no discounts or gifts involved.
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Lexus RZ 450eLexus RZ 450eLexus RZ 450eLexus RZ 450eLexus RZ 450eLexus RZ 450e
Yes, you will have to pay. However, the idea behind teaming up with ChargePoint and Qmerit is a good one. It essentially streamlines the whole accustoming to an EV experience. For traditional Lexus customers, this could be a great initiative since they expect a Toyota level of reliability and the pamper that’s provided by the company’s luxury division.

For starters, only some Lexus dealers will be participating in this program. You’ll have to make sure that the selling party is knowledgeable about the new partnerships. Otherwise, you risk losing the perks down below.

So, if you are currently awaiting your RZ 450e or intend on buying one soon, Lexus tapped ChargePoint to offer customers the option of adding a Level 2 Home Flex Charger before (or after) the delivery happens. The 240-volt charging station delivers a maximum of 50 amps of power. If you’re not familiar with these terms, then all you need to know is that your all-electric crossover will be able to replenish the battery at a maximum rate of 25 mi (40 km) per hour – nine times faster than plugging into a standard outlet.

“To help support a home charging experience, participating Lexus dealers will offer an option to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger at the dealership or directly from ChargePoint online,” says Lexus.

Given that voltage fluctuations are always a possibility, you will need around eight or nine hours tops for a full charge, starting from under 5%. Topping up the battery overnight is easily achievable in such an extreme scenario regarding the state of charge, so for most future RZ 450e owners, it might take even less because the vehicle comes with a 71.4-kWh battery that’s good for a trip of around 225 mi (362 km).

You also don’t have to deal with installing the charger yourself. Qmerit provides end-to-end services and can help locate an electrician that’ll take care of everything. The quote will be disclosed in advance because this is also something you’ll have to pay for. Keep in mind this service is also available only at select Lexus dealerships, so you may want to ask about its availability in advance.

Lexus also thought of your longer trips, so you’ll be able to use ChargePoint’s network of public Level 3 DC fast chargers in North America. The navigation details will be included in the Lexus app.

For now, it looks like Lexus does not plan on offering complimentary charging like BMW, Lucid, or Tesla did. This might not affect the crossover sales but it might give prospective customers an extra reason to debate the acquisition.

Finally, Lexus doesn’t tell us how much the Home Flex Charger will cost RZ 450e owners who will choose to buy it, but we looked around and have seen prices starting from around $740. Be sure to check if you are eligible for rebates in your area. For some Americans, installing a home charger can be heavily discounted.

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