Lexus LFA vs RC F vs GS F Drifting Comparison by Ben Collins Is Downright Savage

Nowadays, we've reached a point where it's almost impossible to capture your car audience's full attention without including drifting on the menu.
Lexus LFA vs. RC F vs. GS F Drifting Comparison by Ben Collins 1 photo
Heck, even Toyota pulled a few sideways stunts in a commercial for the new Prius and that pretty much says it all. Then again, people have started getting bored of watching videos that show a single car, be it a sportcar or a monstrous Hypercar, letting its tail out - the latest trend in the tire-smoking business sees steering wheel entertainers going beyond that.

And the latest example of that comes from Ben Collins (those of you who have been watching TV from under a rock should know he's the ex-Stig). The Brit has recently pulled off a drifting comparison involving the F word.

No, there's nothing offensive about this comparo. Instead, we're talking about Lexus' F line-up. Of course, no such adventure would be complete without the LFA that kickstarted the Japanese automaker's go-fast storm, so the manic, carbon fiber mid-engined machine is here.

With the UK's Goodwood Motor Circuit as a playground, Ben does his tire-smoking shenanigans in one of the world's 500 LFAs. However, since the Japanese engineers have built the LFA for precision go-fast maneuvers, sliding it is a bit of a handful.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for an easier (and less costly, in case something goes terribly wrong) way to drift a Lexus F car, Ben's sideways episode also includes an RC F Carbon, as well as a GS F.

And while we don't want to ruin the fun by throwing too many spoilers at you, all we can say is that we wouldn't place a bet when it comes to which of the three generates the most amount of tire smoke.

P.S.: Yes, you TG fanatics, a Clarkson sting is included in the piece of footage you're about to watch.

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