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Lexus LFA Spyder Driven by Jay Leno

Rumor has it that once Lexus finishes making the LFA coupe, most likely later this year, they will figure out how to turn it into a convertible, after which they will start another run of 500 of that one.
Lexus LFA 1 photo
Well, Jay Leno is in Japan right now, found the one and only Lexus LFA Spyder, which he says is a one-off. No more will ever be built. Those of you who were looking forward to such a car should steady your nerves because the spyder is actually more like a speedster. It has no folding roof at all, and a production car would have that.

While in Japan, Jay also checks out the factory that hand-assembles this magnificent and apparently quite under-appreciated machine. It takes 90 people to assemble the car in 3 days. All the workmen have to wear gloves while they are building the car. It then take 10 more days of inspection before it’s actually ready to be given to a customer. There are 7,000 inspection point on the LFA.

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