Lexus LFA AD-A and AD-B Testing: Not Special Editions?

It seems that despite the fact that it’s an overpriced supercar that can only play the exclusivity game, people just haven’t had enough of the Lexus LFA. Production is supposed to end this year, after which the Japanese luxury carmaker is supposedly going to switch to making a roadster version according to some rumors.
Lexus LFA AD-A 1 photo
So when a turquoise prototype sprouting a huge wing and a different exhaust setup was spotted going round the Nurburgring, we naturally assumed it was the rumored Tokyo Edition or Final Edition version.

But recent reports have suggested these are one-off prototypes and not cars developed for road users. Still, we find these a little too well thought out to be racing cars. The paint and the details are too crisp!

Lexus LFA AD-A at Nurburgring, spotted by!
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Lexus LFA AD-B prototype is a green machine!
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