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Lexus LC 500 Gets Stung by Liberty Walk, Goes Into Anaphylactic Shock

You could say that most of Liberty Walk’s projects look about the same. And no one could argue with that logic, as they do follow the same recipe when it comes to tuning cars. One could either love or hate their builds, as there isn’t really anything in between.
Lexus LC 500 6 photos
Lexus LC 500Lexus LC 500Lexus LC 500Lexus LC 500Lexus LC 500
Case at hand, meet one of the latest cars to have been modified by the company based in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is a Lexus LC 500, which is one of the prettiest sports coupes out there, and it stands out even more.

Think of it as a show-and-tell proposal for the model, which boasts the same typical upgrades applied by Liberty Walk to most of their creations. These comprise the bolt-on fender flares at the front and rear, joined by a new apron, fatter side skirts, ducktail spoiler, and aftermarket diffuser with cutouts for the new exhaust pipes.

Decorating the entire exterior design, which features a white finish, are the usual decals that you can find on other vehicles modified by this tuner. The front and rear bumpers have not been touched at all, but the wheels have. They sport a multi-spoke pattern, have white lips, and black center pieces, and are hugged by very thin tires.

The whole car rides much closer to the asphalt than the stock Lexus LC 500, and this was likely achieved by giving it an adjustable air suspension. This is where the tuner appears to have drawn the line, as we cannot spot any other modifications. And if you are not familiar with their line of work, then you should know that Liberty Walk is not exactly famous for squeezing more oomph out of the engines of their projects. As a result, the pictured sports coupe is likely stock in that department.


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