Lexus Is the Leader in Quality and Customer Care in Norway for the 11th Time

On the AutoIndex 2022 satisfaction survey conducted by Loyalty Group International, Lexus has proven its worth among Norwegian owners for the 11th year in a row. With a total score of 935 out of 1,000 points, the brand sets a new record, keeping the brand as the first choice in the top of Norwegian preferences.
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Loyalty is a trait that Norwegians have in common when it comes to their car and the brand that provides it. According to a study conducted in 2016 by Nord University, based on 35,000 car changes between 1985 and 2013, loyalty is an ecosystem of fulfilled needs, a perfect collaboration between the car manufacturer, dealer, service and after-sales department.

With 13,773 Norwegian participants on the statistics this year, Lexus won all 4 categories that make up the survey: the car and the driving experience (40% of the score), the dealer and the purchase experience (20%), service at the workshop (20%) and loyalty to the brand (20%), thus marking the most important aspects that people take into account when choosing a brand.

Omotenashi, the Japanese sense of hospitality, seems to be the secret ingredient that makes Norwegian car owners stay loyal to the Lexus brand.
"Omotenashi is for us a constant reminder to anticipate our customers' needs and always deliver something more than what is expected. Simply showing an unconditional respect and care for the customer", said Knut-Erik Jahnsen, head of Lexus in Norway in 2019.

With One Million Record sales in Europe, achieved between 1990-2020, Loyalty Group's recognition this year for the 11th time strengthens Norway's position as an important market for Lexus.

"The success is not only due to the fact that we deliver quality cars with character. It is also due to our efforts to make good service and customer care an integral and natural part of the brand. We know our customers really appreciate that. Our cars are produced in Japan, but the customer experience is produced in Norway”, comments Lexus Norway Director Jan Christian Holm.

Other brands to be mentioned are Toyota and BMW, retaining their rankings from 2021, in second and third place in the preferences of Norwegian car owners.

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