Lexus Is Back, This Time 'Proving' the NX Is Better than the BMW X3

What we initially thought was a fluke, seems like a rather bad case of marketing over at Lexus. Not too long ago, they did a comparison between the RC Coupe and the 4 Series, trying to prove how their product is better than the German. Now, they’re back with yet another video, this time focusing on the NX taking on the BMW X3.
BMW X3 vs Lexus NX 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
That’s right folks, they are not giving up and putting together such clips seems like a good idea to them at the moment. The same presenter was kept on, in the person of Ming-Jou Chen of the ‘Lexus College’ and she tries to walk you through some of the differences between the two cars.

Starting off with the design, she calls the NX unconventional and original while the BMW is the old kid on the block, with a more normal look. Well, looks are subjective and while I might find the face of the Lexus a bit too much (all those hard edges aren’t really working for me) others might like it, so I won’t go into a dispute here.

However, it does continue by stating that the LED headlamps are free on the NX which is not really true. Unless you get the higher spec models, they don’t come cheap and heck, you might not get them at all, no matter how much you’re willing to pay, if you also want the entry-level model. That’s an issue you don’t get on the X3 that can be fitted with LED headlights even in the entry-level sDrive28i guise.

Should I also mention the fact that rear-wheel drive is apparently inferior to front-wheel drive according to our gracious host? Yeah, but she does cover her statement with a mention of ‘all-weather confidence’. Well, let me tell you something Ming, if you want to actually have fun behind the wheel of your car, you actually can do that with a rear-wheel drive car, unlike your FWD Lexus. And don’t worry, winter tires will get you out of most tricky situations if you know how to drive.

I do agree with the Lexus representative on the fact that the X3 lacks a proper spare tire which brings about a cavalcade of problems. Runflats usually ruin the ride and handling and they have to be replaced in case you get a flat and that will be costly.

However, it all goes downhill from here on out, starting with the ludicrous comparison of ‘how many golf bags can fit in the trunk’. That is such an useless point to make I can’t even begin to explain. Just watch the entire video for a good laugh. I just hope that all their effort is paying off.

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