Lexus Electrified Sports Wagon Concept Is the EV We Will Never Have

Lexus is slowly revealing its electric concept cars through Twitter. The Japanese luxury brand just presented its version of the electric Toyota Corolla there. Although the sedan is a nice machine – slated to be highly successful in China – the rendering artist Theottle thinks it could spawn something even better: the Electrified Sports Wagon Concept.
Lexus Electrified Sports Wagon by Theottle 6 photos
Photo: Theottle
Lexus Electrified Sports Wagon by TheottleLexus Electrified Sports Wagon by TheottleLexus Electrified Sedan ConceptLexus Electrified Sedan ConceptLexus Electrified Sedan Concept
The name is self-explanatory. Unfortunately, the perspectives for an electric station wagon in the Lexus lineup don’t even need an explanation. It would only do well in Europe and not in enough numbers to justify putting it in production lines. That said, we don’t know if we thank Theottle for that or if we curse him for showing us what we could have and definitely won’t.

Joking aside, the rendering artist managed to present us the sports wagon that will never be thanks not only to the Electrified Sedan Concept but also to the RZ 450e. The production electric SUV from Lexus lent its roof to the rendering.

If you think it through, an electric station wagon could make a lot of sense. MG already sells one in Europe, and it is being praised as an energy-efficient people-carrier. The smaller frontal area and the aerodynamic profile allow it to spend less energy than a similarly sized SUV. The problem is that customers now prefer the taller body style.

While some theories credit that to a wish to own an off-road vehicle, the truth is that it seems to relate to more pragmatic aspects. People are now taller than they were 50 years ago when station wagons were more popular. We are also getting much older than we used to, making taller vehicles easier to enter and leave. In other words, SUVs end up being more comfortable to use, even if less efficient.

If you check the Volvo Recharge Concept, it looks like a tall station wagon: it is lower and longer than Volvo’s current SUVs. That is probably what most electric SUVs will look like in the future.

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