Lexus and BMW Supercar Rumored Again, We Disagree

Next Lexus LFA rendering 1 photo
Photo: Best Car
Yeah, purportedly, the image above pictures a rendering of a possible Lexus LFA successor that people think BMW will help build it. But is it so?
Everyone knows that Toyota and BMW are indeed working on a joint project - they might be putting out just some new tech or even build a whole new sportscar.

Japanese magazine Best Car still thinks that the two companies are working on a supercar as you can see their latest issue, where a big LFA successor rendering based on the BMW i8 holds the cover.

We don’t think this is plausible at all. First of all, the i8 already managed to go into production, while Toyota/Lexus showed us nothing. And being designed to be a hybrid sportscar, the i8 surely won’t be suited for offering the next LFA supercar a base to start from.

Secondly, rumors about BMW working on a new Z2 model made us think this might be the secret joint car. Simply because Toyota had plans to create a new small sportscar fitted bellow the current GT 86 and fill up its sport range with the new Supra at the other end.

The Z2 might wear the same underpinnings with the new MINI range for cost reduction, which means you’ll also get a transversally-mounted four-pot and front wheel drive, CFRP to be light and two seats with no roof to enjoy the sun and wind in your hair.

Now, replace the interior with some cheap plastic, the BMW badge with the three ovals one and you also get Toyota’s cheap small sportscar, which also happens to be topless as every fan wants the GT 86 to get.
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