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Lewis Hamilton Reportedly Sold His Pagani Zonda 760LH, Price Is Undisclosed

Lewis Hamilton has reportedly sold his Pagani Zonda 760LH. While the news is yet to be confirmed, the one-off Pagani was estimated at GBP 1.6 million when he bought it, but it might be worth even more since a seven-time Formula 1 World Champion owned it.
Lewis Hamilton and his Pagani Zonda 760LH back in 2014 9 photos
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The same report, from the Pagani Zonda Registry page, notes that the car covered less than 1,000 kilometers (ca. 621 miles) since it was built. Lewis Hamilton owned it for seven years, which means that he probably put just a few dozens of miles on it each year or so.

According to unconfirmed rumors, Hamilton has a flatbed truck on standby ready to pick up his car once he is done driving it for the day. Since his car collection was estimated to be worth around $17 million in automobiles alone, the alleged sale of the Zonda is not something that was done out of necessity, and he can probably afford the flatbed truck pickup-and-delivery scheme.

After all, Hamilton is the wealthiest British sportsperson. Selling the Zonda would only make him richer. The Brit also sold a property he owned in New York, an apartment in which he reportedly never lived.

We have not reached out to the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion for clarification, as Lewis Hamilton is on a social media blackout after the last race of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship. Those of us who are a bit older might call this behavior “Silenzio Stampa,” but not sharing anything on social media is the next level.

It is not clear if Hamilton plans to buy another one-off supercar anytime soon, as he pledged to live a more sustainable life last fall. The British racing driver is a vegan and uses electric vehicles as often as possible, whenever possible. Moreover, Lewis told his fans that he has offset his carbon footprint from his Formula 1 career back to 2007.

It is worth pointing out that Hamilton's Zonda came with a manual transmission, per his request, and that the Formula 1 champ described it as the “best-sounding car he owns,” while also saying that it was the “worst handling-wise” in a 2018 interview with The Times.

On a more amusing note, Max Verstappen sold his Honda Civic Type R this month, and all the proceeds will go to charity, so maybe Lewis plans to make a generous donation to the Wings for Life organization.

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows some of Lewis Hamilton's vehicles, as well as his statement from when he had an accident with the Pagani Zonda 760LH.


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