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Lewis Hamilton Flies His Dogs on Private Jet When They Start Missing Each Other

No one is saying that celebrities shouldn’t do the most extravagant things if they can afford it, but when you erect yourself into a role model, like F1 champ Lewis Hamilton has done, it’s best if you live up to the standard you set.
Lewis Hamilton's dogs fly on private jets on a whim 3 photos
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After announcing a while back that he’d gone vegan in a bid to curb pollution created by the dairy and meat industry, Hamilton is coming under fire for using his private jet just so he could fly his pooches from the U.S. to the U.K. when they start missing each other. #Goals for any dog out there, but not so much for environmentalists. Or our planet. 

A few days ago, Hamilton posted to Instagram a photo of one of his pooches, sitting in his private jet. The dog was getting ready for a flight out of Malibu, to the U.K., where it’d be reunited with its pal.

“Incase you didn’t know about my two kids,” Hamilton writes in the caption. “This is Roscoe and Coco. Coco is living the life by the beach in Malibu currently with her girls and is super happy as she loves the sea. Roscoe is in the UK with grandma enjoying the sun. To be reunited soon. #bestdogever”

Again, any dog lover would probably wish they could fly their pooch private if need be, but this comes from a guy who’s urging people to stop eating meat because the industry causes too much pollution. For reference, one flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow, London, generates an estimated 1.67 tons of CO2. And Hamilton does that for his dogs.

Hamilton isn’t the only celebrity to get dragged on social media for flying private jets for the dumbest reasons. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (back when they were married) also sent their private jet from Australia to the U.S., to fetch their dogs. Leonardo DiCaprio flies private to Cannes to party each year, despite being the face of the green movement in Hollywood.

And these are just two more stand-out examples.


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