Letting It Rip on a Snowmobile Through a City Is as Fun as It Sounds

Isn't it frustrating how a lot of the fun things we can do with a motorized vehicle are illegal? We get why they're against the law and why we shouldn't do them - public disturbance and all - but with the risk of having a few people really hate you, it still feels like, at least once in a lifetime, it's worth doing something just because it feels so damn good.
Levi LaVallee in Saint Paul 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
As we've discovered before, if you're watching an action clip featuring stunts of any kind, there are two things you can definitely say about it even without hitting the virtual play button: it's filmed with one or more GoPro cameras, and at least one of the athletes featured is going to be endorsed by Red Bull.

These two brands have established a monopoly over everything exciting, and they seem to apply the same recipe from one sport to another. Now, with the winter officially gone (at least according to the calendar), we're treated to a less orthodox snowmobile demonstration. The man strumming the tracked vehicle is called Levi LaVallee, and he's originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Coincidentally, that's exactly where this little urban escapade of his takes place, with his hometown providing the perfect backdrop for a series of stunts that will have you search your chiropractor's phone number instantly. The snowmobile isn't exactly the kind of vehicle you'd expect to see flying 25 feet in the air. It's not a light, motocross bike - it's a fat caterpillar that likes to crawl on the ground.

In the intro, Levi talks about the way he looked at the city when he was a kid, and I think we can all relate to that part, even though we didn't grow up to jump snowmobiles off rooftops. After that, the talking stops and the action begins. With the help of a few ramps and some strategically placed piles of snow, Levi LaVallee will keep you entertained throughout the four and a half minutes of the clip.

You'll never look at snowmobiles the same way after seeing this clip, that's for sure. You'll also never leave your car at the top level of a snowed multi-storied car park as relaxed as you did until now.

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