Lego Ideas Aurora Spaceship From Subnautica Is a Cool Fan-Made Ultimate Collector's Build

Lego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From Subnautica 9 photos
Photo: LEGO IDEAS / Octavio Galicia
Lego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From SubnauticaLego Ideas Spaceship Aurora From Subnautica
If you’re a fan of either LEGO, spaceships, science-fiction in general, or any combination of the above, this is an absolute gem. Scrolling through Lego’s Ideas website, I found a gorgeous set. A replica of the Aurora spaceship from the video game Subnautica.
This surely sounds like a great idea to anyone already familiar with this specific piece of computer entertainment. So before moving forward with the details of this build, let’s set up a baseline for those who have not played it.

It’s an indie survival game set on a distant planet, where the protagonist crash lands after a space travel maneuver goes wrong. Alone on a foreign water-covered planer, the player has to gather resources to escape, while slowly unraveling an interesting story.

With such a premise, there are plenty of sci-fi elements included. Among the most interesting pieces of technology, the player comes across are a mechanized diving suit, a small submersible, and a large submarine.

However, it is the spaceship itself that’s the most spectacular. The wreckage is a central point on the game’s map and the focus of an entire chapter in the game’s story. That is the part where the player has to repair the ship’s nuclear reactor to fix a radiation leak (unrealistic as that sounds).

With base-building being a large part of this game, the player can also decorate the living quarters with many collectibles found around the game, which include a model of the spaceship. Considering this, it is only fitting that such a decorative piece was replicated using Lego bricks.

Well, at least partly, since being found on the Ideas website means it has a way to go before becoming an official set. But that does not make it any less awesome, with the attention to detail being second to none and the model looking identical to the game (with correct proportions).

The size of the build is just as spectacular as it consists of a hefty number of pieces, 2,815 to be precise. This means that the spaceship is also rather sizeable, standing 22.5 inches (57 cm) long, 11 inches (28 cm) wide and 12.5 inches (32cm) tall. For those who want to take this to the next level, Lego’s Ideas website also features some other Subnautica-themed builds, including a base (albeit they’ve expired).

To make the sheer size more manageable, a stand is also part of this build. There is even a descriptive plaque, similar to the ones that come with the Ultimate Collector’s Series. Also worth noting is that judging by the pictures, the build looks as if it can also stand vertically, which is a nice touch.

Overall, the Aurora spaceship would be a great addition to Lego’s growing sci-fi and video game-themed branch, especially considering that Subnautica was, and still is, a fairly popular game. Not only does the build look amazing, but at this size, it also probably involves interesting and unique building techniques, making it very fun to construct. And the community seems to agree, as it gathered almost 3,000 supporters in less than a month.
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