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Lego for Grown-Ups or Automotive IKEA - How to Spend the Perfect Day Assembling a Car

My personal theory is that IKEA owes part of its success to another Scandinavian company: Lego. If you grew up placing bricks on top of each other until they formed a space ship, you surely know there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the contents of that flat cardboard box turn into a nice piece of furniture.
Caterham Seven waiting to be put together 1 photo
I guess, deep down inside, everybody wants to be an engineer. Follow the instructions on the schematics, pick the right parts, use the right tools - it’s the kind of highly rewarding activity that people who work in front of a computer screen just don’t get to do that often.

Imagine if you mixed all this with one of your biggest passions: cars. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine it, as kit cars have been around for years. You get a few boxes, clear up your garage, cancel all appointments, have food delivered straight to the garage and get to work. Depending on how good you are and how many extra parts you’re left with when you’re done, you either end up with a car, or a coffin on wheels.

That enticing layout of car parts you see there beside the unmistakable Caterham tub will all find their way into the final car, as the job is being done by professional Caterham Cars technicians.

A team of four men will be assembling the Caterham Seven in public during the free-to-view Regent Street Motor Show event to be held on October 31. They will start the day with a bunch of boxes and all sorts of parts, and end it with all of them piled up in the shape of a fully functional Caterham Seven sports car.

The idea behind building a car at the Show is to demonstrate how uncomplicated it is to build a Caterham - although we don’t expect every customer to complete the job in a mere six hours!” said Ian Rea, Marketing and Communications Manager, Caterham Cars.

But Mr. Rea doesn’t know one thing: we don’t even want it to be over in six hours. We’d like to stay locked up in that garage forever.


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