LEGO Artist Builds Incredibly Accurate Pocket-sized Porsche 911 Classic

Pocket-sized LEGO Porsche 911 Classic 6 photos
Photo: Michael Jasper on Flickr
Pocket-sized Porsche 911 ClassicPocket-sized Porsche 911 ClassicPocket-sized Porsche 911 ClassicPocket-sized Porsche 911 ClassicPocket-sized Porsche 911 Classic
Leonardo da Vinci's "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" is as unforgettable as quotes go and we can't stop wondering what would've happened had the polymath been given a LEGO set or two. The question isn't as difficult to answer as it might seem, so let's give it a try, shall we?
Let's start with one of the automotive realm's all-time favorite LEGO sets, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (remember the photo mixing this and the real car?). The current flagship of the LEGO Technic range is nothing short of a time trap, having the power to keep one busy for hours at a time. But, with 2,704 parts and retailing for $299, it's the plastic-fantastic contraption is anything but easy.

Well, we've brought along a LEGO Neunelfer that follows the spirit of the Zuffenhausen icon just as closely as the Rennsport creature mentioned above, but sits at the opposite end of the complexity range.

We're talking about the LEGO Porsche 911 Classic you can find in the gallery to your right, which, with a bit of effort, could fit inside one's pocket.

Given the scale of the thing, its resemblance to the 911 that started it all is mind-blowing.

Then there are the details of the not-just-a-toy. From the way in which the five-piece roof (think: width) is mated to the four-piece windshield to the pistols used to build the impact bumpers, there are plenty of aspects that deserve our amazement.

This piece, which we've decided to nickname KISS (Keep It Super-Simple), comes from LEGO aficionado Michael Jasper, whom we've met on Flicker, thanks to Brothers Brick.

We'll go ahead and call the man a LEGO artist - check out the stud rotation stunt pulled to deliver a flat belly, or the actual cut-away delivered by the builder and you'll understand.

Many might need to reach the age of the LEGO man posing next to this Porscha to afford an actual Zuffenhausen machine, but, thanks to such LEGO creations, the inner child will always be there, enjoying the flat-six ride...
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