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Legend Says That at the End of the Rainbow, You’ll Find This Gold Chevy Camaro

If there ever was a car that deserved to be put out of its misery, preferably in the crusher, then it would be this particular Chevrolet Camaro. And if you have to ask why, then you should have your petrolhead license revoked.
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Chevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet Camaro
An absolute LOL type of build, it came via Reddit’s ‘ugly’ car mods thread, where most members hoped that it isn’t an actual ZL1. Others popped the obvious ‘why’ question, and a good part couldn’t refrain from joking about it, and we agree with you all, brothers in virtual suffering!

Do we even need to point out the in-your-eyes changes? Definitely not, but we will anyway, starting with that gold foil wrap applied to all panels, windshield surround, and even to the ginormous wheels, which are likely around 30 inches or so in diameter, with a polished surface and big lip.

And if that wasn’t enough to attract everyone’s attention and blind bystanders under strong natural light, then the green accents should, as they give an odd contrast to the rest of the car. The darker shade can be seen on the rag top, front apron, side skirts, and hood scoop, and well as on the fog lamp surrounds and part of the grille apparently.

The more we look at it, the more we wished we didn’t stumble upon it. But we did, and now you have to live knowing that something like this exists and there is no easy way to turn it back to its original condition.

You see, that foil may come off, but the wheel arches were butchered in the attempt to fit those brash alloys. The suspension would need tweaking too, and there could be other things that might need some attention. Is anyone else thinking about gasoline and a lit match at this point too?


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