Leen 50 Hybrid Trimaran Is Designed for Slow Living and Comfortable, Long-Range Cruises

Neel Trimarans’ motor range of trimarans is built for luxury, comfort, and performance. Now the French-made line of vessels for demanding owners is getting a new addition with the recently announced Leen 50, a multi-hull boat designed for slow living and long-distance cruising.
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Leen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaranLeen 50 trimaran
Up until now, Leen’s hybrid-electric trimarans have been available in two models: Leen 56 and Leen 72, both relying on a large diesel engine as main propulsion, while also housing electric drives in their outer hulls. The Leen 56 is 56 ft (17 m) long, and in its five-cabin layout, can accommodate up to 11 guests. It offers a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles in its eco cruising mode. Its 72 ft (22 m) sibling comes in two configurations, and in its five-cabin version, can sleep up to 10 guests. It offers a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles in its eco mode.

The Leen 50 is the newest addition to the family and the smallest of the three, measuring just 50 ft (15 m). Just like the other two trimarans, this one too is focused on offering an upscale cruising experience dominated by elegance, comfort, safety, autonomy, and performance.

This extension of the Leen range cruises at a speed of approximately 10 knots but can reach a top speed of 14 knots. It is still a long-range boat with an autonomy of 1,500 nautical miles at a speed of 9 knots. It can be powered by either a heat engine or a hybrid one.

It features a sophisticated, elegant interior design that also exudes peacefulness and relaxation. Despite its smaller size (compared to the Leen 56 and Leen 72), the trimaran feels spacious, offering bright, warm, and inviting living spaces that offer beautiful 360-degree views. The owner’s cabin is on the same level as the main deck. Also on the same level, you can find the dining room, saloon, galley, and wheelhouse. The Leen 50 can accommodate up to six guests, with the trimaran featuring two more cabins that come with a shared bathroom.

Solar panels are available for the flybridge of the Leen 50, ensuring the vessel's autonomy when anchored.

Neel Trimaran plans to launch the Leen 50 in 2023, with the trimaran starting at approximately €900,000 ($974,000). You can take a better look at it in this video.

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