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Lectric's XP 3.0 Lineup Is Giving Urban Riders All They've Wanted in Exchange for Pennies
Let's face it: people like affordable and capable things. It's in this spirit that we take a closer look at Lectric e-Bikes and their XP 3.0 series, three city-destined electrical trinkets designed to be your go-to cycling answer. Best of all, they all stay within the $1,000 mark.

Lectric's XP 3.0 Lineup Is Giving Urban Riders All They've Wanted in Exchange for Pennies

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Yes, people, Lectric, the one and the same that was born in Phoenix, Arizona, where I spent 15 years of my life, is back with their freshest lineup to their family, the XP 3.0 series. Upon receiving endless feedback from customers, this crew decided it was time to add all the goodies people were asking for to the cycling style they already undertake, and the 3.0 was born. The question is: what makes these puppies so special? That's precisely what we'll discover today.

You already know the sort of cash Lectric is asking you to drop on any one of the three EVs, but what are you in for? First, this crew has made a name for itself by offering machines that aren't just inexpensive but can achieve a tad more than other machines within this price range. To stand apart, capability is what the 3.0 EVs focus on.

Why capability? Ever since I started covering e-bikes as a topic, I realized something; countless manufacturers simply purchase bicycle frames from producers over in China, smack some branding on the hunks of aluminum, and suddenly, a brand is born.

Let's face it, the platform (frame) we see on the 3.0 has been spotted on countless other e-bikes with a similar design. Even the Engwe EP-2 Pro that's sitting in my living room as we speak follows a similar urban frame design. The only difference may be that the 3.0s have an integrated cargo rack, allowing them to carry 150 lbs (68 kg) of cargo on it.

Diving deeper into the features that make the 3.0 an EV that people desire, power is something that stands out. The manufacturer's website states that these three buggers feature an "upgraded" motor capable of pushing out a peak of 1,000 watts of power and 55 Nm (41 ft-lb) of torque. You'll see it mounted to the rear wheel. With this powerhouse, the 3.0 ranks as all three e-bike classes, meaning a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph) is about all you can access, but with a throttle function too.

To help Lectric stand apart even more, they offer a choice of battery size, and with a 672-watt-hour juice box, the 3.0 can attain a range of up to 65 miles (105 kilometers), apparently, tested in the "real world," but you will need to dish out an extra $200 for that battery. Standard, 45 miles (72 kilometers) is the peak range.

Among all the other tiny things that Lectric is hoping to grab your attention with are the 3-inch cross-section tires, a front fork with 50 millimeters (2.16 inches) of travel to soften up your rides, mechanical brakes with 180-millimeter (7.1-inch) rotors and 7-gear drivetrain. But, a frame's folding abilities are a forte for bikes designed for city use, and the 3.0s can achieve this action. All that amounts to a machine that weighs 64 pounds (29 kilograms) with a 7-pound (3.2-kilogram) battery installed into the frame, so definitely not light.

Still, with the ability to carry a passenger or cargo of up to 150 pounds, a top speed that may need more than just mechanical brakes, and a range that should do just fine within city limits, it's no wonder that Lectric is being talked about left and right. Factor in the price tag; this manufacturer is set to keep raking in your cash.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery include all three versions of the XP 3.0 series.


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