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LeBron James Teases Fans with Another “King James Edition” Kia K900 Photo

It’s all about teasing fans on social networks than actually revealing the car with these sportsmen nowadays. Whether it’s Kia’s idea or LeBron’s way of staying interesting, we’re kind of getting bored of all this just-the-tip thing. Cleveland Cavaliers’ small forward just posted another image of the “King James Edition” K900 model and now we know what colors the luxury sedan will most likely wear.
LeBron James Teases Fans with Another “King James Edition” Kia K900 Photo 1 photo
OK, we get it, the NBA star is the messenger who brings Kia’s new luxury sedan to the world (simply put: Kia’s ambassador), but does he really need to constantly play this game of “I’ll only show you little parts of the car”? It appears the answer is yes.

The basketball player is seen kneeling next to a K900 he designed in a pretty small quality photo he posted on Facebook the other day. As we assumed the other week when he released an image of the car’s badge that read King James Edition, the car is wearing a red and black theme. The same nuances are carried on to the rims which most likely means this is how the entire car will look like. Still no word on the interior, but we assume you guys figured that one out already.

Judging by LeBron’s Facebook post we’re looking at a Candy paint better known as Remington Red. Still, we can’t quite see how that relates to a King. Last time the NBA player teased people with his Kia we thought this year’s All Star event was when the car will be officially revealed, but it seems the Koreans still didn’t make up their mind on a date. We’re just going to have to wait and see.


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