Leatherman Tread, the To-Die-For Ultimate Tech-Fashion Accessory

As hyperventilation slowly fades away, hands stop shaking and words start appearing on the screen. The cause of all the hype is the all-new Tread bracelet, a functional and highly-fashionable accessory from Leatherman Tools, and if you’re at least half the sucker we are when it comes to tech gimmicks you’ll also start fretting and look for ways to secure one before the first batch sells out.
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The Leatherman Tread is a highly functional bracelet which is actually made from smartly-designed steel links, which are in fact… tools. Each link contains two or three tools, for an average of 25 usable features destined to solve almost any problem you might run into.

Box wrenches, cutting hook, screwdrivers and more…around your wrist

Leatherman puts a heap of functionality in a bracelet around your wrist, but this is far from being the only cool thing about the Tread. Two more features make it even cooler, and we’re talking about customizability, adjustability and being security/airport-safe.

Thanks to the slotted fasteners, the user can rearrange the links, add new ones and adjust the bracelet for wrist size to 1 quarter of an inch (6.35 mm). The clasp itself has a bottle opener and a #2 square driver, while other tools include hex drivers and even a carbide glass breaker.

All links are crafted from metal injection molded high-strength 17-4 corrosion –resistant stainless steel and will be available in brushed metal or black DLC. To make things even cooler, the autumn of 2015 will also bring a Swiss-made Leatherman wrist watch with a sapphire crystal glass with a Tread bracelet.

There’s no exact launch date, but the Leatherman website does mention Spring 2015. The price is rumored to be $150-200 (€135-180) which is a bit steep, if this doesn’t include the time piece. Stay tuned for more.



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