Learning How to Turn Could Spare You the Crash

It may sound redundant, but watching this movie will make you be more careful, no matter whether you're on 2, 4, or even more wheels. Failing to keep well within the lane during sharp turns with poor visibility is one of the important causes for very nasty crashes. Winding mountain roads are prone to see such accidents happen and that's why good riding and driving skills are really important.
Getting out the lane may be caused by too much speed, lack of awareness and poor road conditions, such as water, debris, sand and whatnot. While existing widely from a right hand turn and driving in the wrong half of the road is not that dangerous when you're alone, running wide with an incoming vehicle will end bad in almost all cases.

And this is exactly why both policemen, road regulations and instructors are asking vehicle operators to slow down in such poor visibility turns: so they aren't forced to go in the other lane and sill be able to safely brake if someone else's luck ran out already.
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