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Learner Driver Travels 500 Miles for Country’s Easiest Drive Test, Still Fails

In the hall of fame of the worst drivers of all times, both existing and aspiring, this learner occupies a very special place. It’s not just that she is a bad driver that makes her stand out, but rather the fact that she would rather invest her energy in trying to cheat the system than to better her driving skills.
Learner driver (not pictured) traveled 500 miles for easiest driving test, was still unable to pass 6 photos
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Still, credit must be given where credit is due: when it comes to determination, few others can top this learner driver from London, in the UK. Constance failed her first driving test last summer, which took place in London, The Mirror reports. That wouldn’t be so bad on its own, since few newbies get their license on the first try, but Constance was determined she wouldn’t have to try a third time as well.

So, she figured, if she found the easiest driving test course in the country, she could get her license on the second try. Her (Google) searches led her to the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland, presumably the easiest route she could take her driving test on since it mainly comprised of single-lane roads, no lights and a single roundabout. The roundabout wouldn’t even be on the driving test, she later learned with relief since, apparently, Constance lived in mortal fear of roundabouts.

The only problem for Constance was that the Isle of Mull was 500 miles (804 km) away, which meant she had to travel by car and then by ferry to get there. The ferry was the biggest uncertainty, because trips could be canceled at a moment’s notice on account of the weather. Then, there was the issue of finding an instructor that would take the test with her, and a car she could take.

Constance prevailed, after several attempts. She found an instructor, she found a car (on Facebook, she says), she took the trip and even made it on the last stretch, by ferry. She was even relieved to find out that she wouldn’t have to parallel park. Still, Constance failed the test.

“I don’t like to talk about people who fail their tests. Think of it as just not passing,” the instructor told her when they got back to mainland. Part of the reason was that she kept straying into the opposite lane.

Perhaps the most spectacular part about this story is that Constance is willing to talk about it. It helps that she’s a reporter for The Times, so her attempt makes for an entertaining (paywalled) story. From the reactions she’s been getting on social media, it looks like she’s not the only learner driver to travel across the UK in search for an “easier” driving test.

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