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Leaked Info Hints NASCAR Might See Electric Cars as Soon as 2023

NASCAR is probably one of the most American things to ever be created, and it surely is an amazing experience to watch or attend. The rumble of the engines, the extreme speeds, the adrenaline, and even the incidents in this sport are some of the most thrilling ones you can watch.
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I am sure some of us don’t enjoy hearing this, but due to a push from manufacturers to produce more and more EVs, we might see America’s premier racing series start to be affected by electrification.

Recently, an article was published on Kickin’ The Tires sugggesting big changes might be coming to NASCAR as soon as 2023. The leaked documents imply that there could be as many as six exhibition races (in addition to the normal NASCAR season) that would showcase electric vehicles, with the aim of getting fans interested in EV racing and pushing development towards a full electric series by 2025.

While you should take this news with a grain of salt, it is certain that it cannot be easily dismissed, as we have seen a constant stream of resources being poured into electric vehicles. With single-seaters and rally cars seeing electrification, a cloud certainly hangs over every form of motorsport. It’s up to you to decide whether that is good or bad news, but seeing the end of an era always leaves a bitter taste.

While the demands facing engineers are not insurmountable, they are not a breeze either, with the cars needing to be able to match the current lap times established by ICE cars and run at least a 30-minute race without needing any battery swaps or recharging. This should be achievable, considering that NASCAR could look at FIA's own Formula E and draw on their know-how. 

Sound remains the biggest question mark when it comes to replacing the current cars with electric versions. While NASCAR might be able to come up with some solutions, it is clear that an electric championship will lose a lot of charm compared to one that makes use of internal combustion.


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