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Leaked: 2018 Honda Gold Wing Looks Production-Ready

The motorcycle touring scene gets shaken up as Honda’s upcoming Gold Wing was leaked across the Internet recently, showing the model completely undisguised and revealing some of its new features.
2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos 10 photos
2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos2018 Honda Gold Wing leaked photos
Rumors of a new Honda Gold Wing have started at least for a couple of years ago, and it’s time to finally emerge to take long distance riders further in greater comfort, safer, and with more on board amenities.

The new photos of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing first leaked on a Dutch website and quickly spread over the Internet through social media. There are no details yet about the specifications of the new model, but we can make some observations.

First of all, the upcoming Gold Wing will come in two variants; the classic GL 1800 and the F6B 1800, which ditches the ample back rest and top case at the back to turn the bike into a large bagger aimed directly at BMW’s K 1600 B.

Also, the biggest change can be seen at the front, where a pair of totally resculpted headlights make it look sharper and more modern. If you look closer, you’ll also spot a new suspension system under them, which seems to be using Hossack variant instead of a classic tube fork.

The bike still uses a flat six-cylinder engine like before although this one should come with more power and Euro4 emissions standards compliance. Honda’s new DCT will most likely be offered as an option along with reverse assist, while ABS, traction control, and riding modes will most likely be part of the standard pack.

Technology-wise, there’s a big improvement to the Gold Wing’s dashboard and infotainment. The overall setup is similar to the previous version, but now there’s a large LCD in between the analog gauges, as well as three other monochrome displays on the side for multi-information displaying.

It also looks like all the buttons on the sides are gone, with most of them now being placed on the handlebar and a new central console. Yes, you read that right; the 2018 Honda Gold Wing comes with some sort of central console control unit as you see on cars.

The new gizmo is located right in between the handlebars and holds about ten buttons and two rotating knobs to control the big display up front. It’s kind of a neat trick, but this means you have to take your left hand off the bar to switch things around. Probably a good idea not to tinker with this while on the go.

There are no other details at the moment, but we should be able to tell you more in a few weeks from now as the new Gold Wing will probably make its debut at the EICMA show in Milan.


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