Leak Claims to Reveal GTA V E&E Improvements

Rockstar has already announced a new version of GTA V that will be aimed explicitly at new-gen consoles, with the company also promising a bunch of improvements compared to the current editions of the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
New GTA V version coming in the fall 1 photo
Referred to by many as GTA V E&E (Expanded & Enhanced), this new version of the game is expected to come not only with improved graphics but also with additional refinements to the gameplay and possibly new missions.

And according to a recent leak, which you should totally not take for granted, Rockstar plans to introduce improved vehicle physics and damage, increased traffic and pedestrian density, as well as over 100 new licensed radio tracks.

The leak, which made its way online in a 4chan post that has already been removed, indicates this upcoming version of GTA V will also come with improved and redesigned AI and pathfinding for pedestrians, enemies, and traffic. Furthermore, Rockstar wants to bring more online content to the single-player mode, including cars, planes, and weapons.

Again, there’s no indication this leak is accurate, but on the other hand, some of the improvements revealed in this post are expected to happen anyway, including the improved vehicle physics and damage.

This is what the new-gen consoles are all about in the first place, so Rockstar focusing on such updates is something that makes total sense.

That said, many people think GTA V E&E would be more of a preview of what’s to come in GTA VI, especially as the company could use the new game as a way to tease its new title. The leak suggests Rockstar could turn to live events in GTA Online in order to run a GTA VI marketing campaign providing the world with more information on this highly anticipated release.

According to reliable tipsters, GTA VI wouldn’t see the daylight earlier than late 2023.


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