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Lazzarini Unveils Unimaginable Flying Air Yacht Concept To Master Sea and Air
Folks, the future is changing for sure. Lazzarini Design Studio is one team known for designing yachts and other out-of-this-world machines. But, their latest machine concept is on a whole new level.

Lazzarini Unveils Unimaginable Flying Air Yacht Concept To Master Sea and Air

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Folks, before you is a 150-meter (492-foot) machine dubbed Air Yacht, the newest conceptual luxury vehicle to come out of this design group. Lazzarini is usually known for designing yachts, cars, gadgets, and architectural projects. Two works you may be familiar with are Shape and Icaria, megayachts meant to breathe new life into the yachting industry.

The studio decided to do things entirely different this time around and created Air Yacht, a completely eco-friendly flying luxury yacht. As you would imagine, the words flying and yacht don't really go together, but in the case of Air Yacht, that's precisely the case.

Overall, Air Yacht has been designed to operate on nothing but solar power and a whole lot of helium, approximately 400,000 cubic meters (14,125,855 cubic feet) of compressed helium, stored in the lateral blimps. These blimps are also covered with solar panels that produce power for eight rotating motors. The design studio states that Air Yacht will fly at a max speed of 60 knots (69 mph) for up to 48 hours straight.

If you look closely at the blimps, you'll see a large sweeping window that leads from the front to the tail of each blimp. While most of the blimps are used for nothing more than to store helium, behind this large strip of glass hide five VIP suites, for a total of ten. The ends of these structures act as observation decks.

Now, hanging in the center, between these massive tubes, is another construction. This central piece is the main structure where you can find the owner's loft, spaces designed for lounging, and even entertainment services. Lazzarini states that this pod is held via four carbon fiber beams connected to the blimps.

To make things easier to understand, we can start at the bottom of the structure and work our way up. At the lowest point on the ship, the owner's loft sits in wait for the fortunate, with a private pool sitting at the foot of a king bed. Best of all, this space is held in place with a few diagonal beams because where walls would generally occur, Lazzarini shows up with nothing but glass and lots of it. Can you imagine waking up in such a room above the clouds?

The next deck features the main socializing area, including couches, bars, and dining tables. Again, glass is used to help offer guests a clear view of the world around them as they dine above the clouds.

The uppermost and exterior area aboard this craft is reserved for two things: at the rear, you'll see a helicopter pad, suitable for one chopper, and in front of that, a friggin pool! Yes, you'll be able to go out for a swim while flying around. The only worry you may have is the occasional bird flying by, or possibly have had one too many drinks to safely swim around suspended above the world.

When it's time to come back to ground level, Air Yacht can land on water as the blimps act as flotation devices. When floating around, due to substantial surface contact with the water and lack of a solid propulsion system meant for water use, the craft will only reach a top speed of 5 knots (5.8 mph).

We don't know what else the future may hold for this design. Maybe we'll see it in a movie, in a game, or possibly paving the way for future water and aircraft alike.


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