Lazareth E-Wazuma Is a Sweet Quad Producing 490 Nm of Torque

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Photo: Lazareth
Lazareth E-WazumaLazareth E-WazumaLazareth E-WazumaLazareth E-Wazuma
If anything, Wazuma is one of the good synonyms of terms such as "extreme," "insane," "dangerous," or "wow." We recently introduced to you the latest creation coming from Ludovic Lazareth, the 470 hp Maserati-powered LM 847 quad, but now it's time for something that's just as crazy: the E-Wazuma.
It doesn't take a specialist to figure out that the "e" prefix stands for an electric vehicle. The Maserati Wazuma was capable of producing an almost insane amount of torque, 670 Nm (457 lb-ft) at 4,750 rpm, the E- Wazuma promises to be just as thrilling.

Some might say that the 490 Nm (361 lb-ft) torque figure of the E-Wazuma can't be compared to that of the LM 847. Well, they're right, but not because the Nm count of electric one is significantly smaller than that of the Maserati engine. The thing that should send chills down your spine is the fact that the electric motors produce this torque right off idle.

The drivetrain of the E-Wazuma has almost zero lag, so this quad will feel like riding a space rocket that's taking off right from the first millimeters of throttle grip twist.

E-Wazuma's propulsion system is in the rear, with two 30 kW motors driving the rear wheels. This sums up to 80 horsepower, again a figure that doesn't seem too impressive. Still think about the Energica Eva electric roadster and its tremendous acceleration and speed obtained with only 95 hp.

The Lazareth E-Wazuma is only a prototype now, but Ludovic says such vehicles could be built and used on the road without any significant effort. No word on how much an E-Wazuma would cost or how long it would take to build one, but we'd certainly love to take it for a spin. Riding an E-Wazuma surely doesn't look like something for inexperienced motorcyclists, but we think that it would be wise that even seasoned ones make a cautious approach to this beast that can produce 490 Nm of torque almost instantaneously.

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