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Lawyers Say Bosch Had "Key Role" In Developing VW Emissions Cheat Device

Bosch, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, is a defendant in the case started by American owners of Volkswagen vehicles affected by Dieselgate.
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According to the lawyers representing the plaintiffs, Bosch is being accused of playing a “key role” in the whole emissions scandal, and the supplier is even accused of being an “active participant” in a “decade-long conspiracy with Volkswagen.”

Those are serious accusations, and Bosch’s representatives have stated that they take them seriously, although they have refused to make further comments.

As Automotive News reports, the filing made by the plaintiffs in a San Francisco federal court claims to have evidence that shows that Bosch was an active part of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scheme.

The accusation comes not only since Bosch was a longtime Volkswagen Group supplier, but also because the company is accused of both the development and cover-up of the defeat device’s real functionality.

The filing claims that Bosch provided the software that made the cars affected by Dieselgate operate. While Bosch was the supplier that manufactured the injection components per se, the software itself was developed by Volkswagen.

At least, that is what Bosch said about the story when the Dieselgate situation was first uncovered, and it had been revealed that the supplier was the manufacturer of the ECUs and other components.

The lawyers representing Volkswagen clients in the USA have also accused Bosch of taking advantage of the defeat device by marketing it in the country asClean Diesel technology,” as well as lobbying with U.S. regulators to approve the vehicles for public roads in the USA.

representatives have refused to comment on the filing, but they did say that this has no effect on its settlement regarding the civil complaint about the diesel scandal. Bosch representatives have stated that the company is cooperating with several investigations, but declined to detail the subjects of those inquiries.

Volkswagen’s lawyers have designated most of the documents regarding Bosch as being confidential, thus making the matters regarding Bosch secret until a verdict is reached. We will keep you updated on the issue, as usual.


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