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Latest Waze Version Blamed for GPS Problems on Android Auto

While Waze is one of the best navigation apps you could turn to if you want to beat the nightmare traffic in your city, it can also offer a rather frustrating experience, and it’s all due to issues showing up totally out of nowhere.
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And while this isn’t happening to everybody, the number of people complaining about GPS problems with Waze on Android Auto in this Google forum thread keeps growing, with some claiming that the latest version of the app makes it impossible to use the navigation behind the wheel.

More specifically, Wazers claim the app loses GPS tracking when running on Android Auto, thus no longer being able to figure out where they are and follow their progress on the map.

This only happens on Android Auto, and disconnecting the phone from the head unit and running Waze on the mobile device brings things back to normal.

Some say the whole thing happens on version, which is the latest update available on Android, but the issue was actually discovered in an earlier release and is yet to be fixed.

I have the same problem mentioned by many users here. Waze app has no GPS signal when running in Android Auto. Map is showed on display of car entertainment, but arrow doesn't move. All other application including Google Maps runs well in AA. Waze runs fine on my cell phone as single app (not under AA),” one user explained earlier this month.

At this point, nothing seems to be working when it comes to fixing the problem on your own. Users have tried pretty much everything from changing the permissions of the app on the Android device to resetting both the phone and the head unit.

Google originally said it included a fix for the GPS problems in Waze in version 4.67, but given that more complaints keep coming, it’s pretty clear the glitch is yet to be resolved.


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