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Latest Spotify Update Makes It Ridiculously Easy to Discover New Music

I don’t know about you, but in my case, many of the updates Spotify has received lately have barely improved the actual music listening experience, as the parent company has more or less been focused on new capabilities that aren’t necessarily aimed at the casual user who just wants to listen to their favorite tunes.
The new What's New feed in Spotify 6 photos
The What's New feed in SpotifyThe What's New feed in SpotifyThe What's New feed in SpotifyThe What's New feed in SpotifyThe What's New feed in Spotify
But this week, Spotify finally took the wraps off something that really comes in handy. It’s a “What’s New” button that’s being added to the mobile versions of the Spotify app and which allows us to keep an eye on the new releases from the artists we love.

In theory, discovering fresh content from our favorite artists is already possible in the current versions of the mobile app, but this new feature brings a feed that can be launched with a single tap and which allows you to easily see the latest releases in a very clean UI.

The notification button is available right on the home screen in the Spotify app in the top right corner, and it works exactly as you’d expect it to work.

Just tap it and then you should be able to see a “What’s New” list that can be filtered based on music and podcasts & shows.

This is the place where Spotify displays new content whenever your favorite artists publish it on the music platform – you don’t have to launch this section every once in a while, as every time Spotify comes across new releases, you’ll see a blue dot attached to the notification icon to let you know about it.

Spotify promises the whole thing is updated in real time, so in theory, you shouldn’t miss any new tracks from your favorite artists. Keep in mind, however, that you must follow these artists manually before they are being tracked by Spotify and included in this new section.


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