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Latest iPhone Update Could Break Down CarPlay, Easy Fix Found

Earlier this week, Apple finally started the rollout of iOS 15.2, a new iPhone operating system update that brings lots of good news for CarPlay users.
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But at the same time, it looks like it comes with bad news, too, as some users have discovered that CarPlay is no longer working after installing this update.

At first glance, only the wireless version of CarPlay seems to be affected, as the wired sibling still seems to be working properly after updating an iPhone to iOS 15.2.

But as some users revealed, CarPlay wireless no longer launches after installing this new iOS update, as the app is no longer launching after starting the engine.

Of course, it’s pretty difficult to diagnose the problem, but given it’s all happening after the update, it’s pretty clear iOS 15.2 is the culprit here. Considering the iPhone no longer seems to detect the head unit in the car, therefore being unable to launch CarPlay, the problem seems to be related to a connection or data transfer error caused by the operating system update.

However, as some have discovered in the last few hours, resetting the CarPlay settings and re-pairing the iPhone and the head unit brings things back to normal.

For some reason, this may not make any difference on the first attempt. In other words, if you reset CarPlay and then complete the process between the iPhone and the head unit of your car, you could still end up being unable to launch the app. In this case, just follow all steps once again, as, for some reason, everything is working properly on the second attempt.

At this point, there’s no other fix other than this full reset, and of course, Apple isn’t saying a single word about what’s happening.

iOS 15.2 is available for the iPhone 6s and newer, and it’s available right now from Settings > General > Software update.


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