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Latest iPhone Update Could Be Bad News for Some CarPlay Users

Apple rolled out an emergency iPhone update earlier this week to address a security vulnerability, but as it turns out, installing iOS 14.8 on some devices ends up doing more harm than good as far as CarPlay is concerned.
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In other words, while you should totally install iOS 14.8 given the security improvements it brings, doing this could end up breaking down CarPlay, as several users claim the app is no longer working in their cars.

While it’s not exactly clear what’s happening, some users claim that CarPlay simply no longer launches after installing iOS 14.8 on their devices and then connecting the iPhone to the head unit. Sometimes the iPhone is still detected and starts charging, while for some, the device isn’t even recognized.

Interestingly enough, we’re seeing several Mazda owners complaining of connectivity problems after the installation of iOS 14.8 on their iPhones, but right now, it’s still not clear if this is the only brand that’s affected or others are struggling with the same errors or not.

Unfortunately, no workaround is known to exist, and of course, the typical solution of replacing the cable used to connect the iPhone to the head unit doesn’t seem to be making any difference this time.

In theory, if iOS 14.8 is indeed the one that’s causing all the problems, the only fix is to just downgrade to the previous version of the operating system, though this isn’t necessarily convenient and is quite a painful workaround if a backup wasn’t created before the update.

And what’s more, if you do plan to upgrade, you should do the whole thing as soon as possible, as Apple typically blocks downgrades to earlier versions of iOS pretty fast.

At this point, however, Apple is yet to acknowledge these problems, so it’s hard to figure out who is affected and who isn’t and why some users are no longer able to launch CarPlay in their cars.


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