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Latest iPhone Update Coming With an Unpleasant CarPlay Surprise

iOS 14.3, which is currently the newest version of the iPhone operating system, is causing some devices to turn off unexpectedly when trying to launch CarPlay.
iOS 14.3 causing iPhones to shut down when launching CarPlay 1 photo
This doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem, though, at first glance, it affects mostly the iPhone 12 and not previous-generation models.

While everything is working correctly in my car with an iPhone 11 Pro, one reader told me his iPhone 12 turned off all of a sudden after connecting to the head unit to launch CarPlay. The whole thing happened instantly, less than a second after the CarPlay icon showed up on the screen. This means CarPlay was briefly launched and the phone was detected correctly, only that this triggered a sudden shutdown of the device.

After further searching online, I’ve come across this reddit thread where more people complain about the same thing, and once again, the iPhone 12 seems to be the one most often affected.

By the looks of things, the culprit is iOS 14.3, the update that Apple rolled out in mid-December for the supported devices out there.

Since I downloaded IOS 14.3 the other day, every time I plug my phone into the car it turns itself off. I turn it back on and then there’s no problem whatsoever,” one user explains. “Had this just yesterday. First time. It switched off in the middle of a song. iPhone 12 mini [with iOS] 14.3. it rebooted itself and then went on as usual,” someone else adds.

Several others confirm the whole thing happened in their cars too.

At this point, no workaround is known to exist, but in most cases, simply rebooting the iPhone gets the whole thing fixed temporarily. In other words, once the smartphone starts up again, CarPlay should connect and run normally.

Apple hasn’t acknowledged the glitch, and it’s not known if the next iOS update includes any fixes in this regard.


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