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Latest Android Auto Update Includes a Mysterious Connection Fix

The most recent Android Auto version comes with early code suggesting that Google is planning to add a connection troubleshooter and a dedicated day and night mode toggle for Google Maps. As it turns out, there’s more we’re getting in this latest update.
Black screen bug after installing Android 11 1 photo
According to a member of the Android Auto team, the latest version of the application also comes with a fix for connection problems experienced by users after updating to Android 11.

For context, the update to Android 11 has caused a series of problems for Android Auto users, including connection glitches that turned the screen black whenever the phone was plugged into the head unit.

A post on Google’s forums specifically describes this issue on Nokia devices, but in fact, owners of phones from other brands encountered the same behavior after installing Android 11.

But as per a Google community specialist, “we have addressed a fix for Android 11 users and we would request you to update Android Auto to the latest version and let us know if the issue still persists.

While the wording is a little bit weird, it looks like the connection struggles experienced by Android Auto users after installing Android 11 on their devices have finally been resolved, and everything should be back to normal after installing.

Google hasn’t provided us with a changelog on what’s being fixed and improved in the app's latest update, so more information is yet to be disclosed.

In the meantime, the good news is that many of the bugs encountered after the update to Android 11 are already fixed. In theory, the experience with Android Auto should now be much smoother for a device running the latest operating system.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the connection issues have been addressed for everybody. Additional information should be provided as more people install the latest version of the app.


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