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Last Rotary-Engined Mazda Rolls off the Production Line

Mazda’s 45 year history of using the rotary engine to power its cars is over. On Friday, the last RX-8 rolled off the Mazda production line in Hiroshima, signaling the end of an era, as it set them apart from other, more mainstream manufacturers, from the 1970s onward. However, by 2003, it was only powering the RX-8 - the last Wankel-powered car to ever be produced (probably).
Disassembled Rotary Engine 1 photo
While we could shed a tear for the loss of the rotary, we need to be aware of the fact that, despite it being considerably more powerful than engines of similar displacement, it could never match conventional engines’ fuel efficiency and emissions figures, and these two aspects alone are the only two nails holding the Wankel’s coffin together.

However, we need to keep in mind that while the rotary will not power any future Mazda car, it may still be used by the Japanese manufacturer as a hydrongen-powered range extender for its future hybrids, so there's a chance that it won’t be completely forgotten by history.

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