Laser Kiwi Tiny Home Brings Out the Magic of Simplicity With Its Tasteful Design

It's no surprise that Build Tiny is one of the most beloved tiny house builders in New Zealand – each model it brings to life is perfectly tailored to the preferences and needs of the future owners and, therefore, unique. Their latest custom creation is no exception.
Laser Kiwi is a beautiful and simple tiny home with a warm interior 21 photos
Laser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny HomeLaser Kiwi Tiny Home
There are plenty of tiny houses out there that immediately stand out due to their exterior, whether it’s ultra-modern, classic, or unconventional. The tiny houses built by this popular brand are almost unassuming. There’s nothing flashy about their outward appearance. However, they always reveal a magical interior that’s unexpectedly stylish, elegant, and warm.

Laser Kiwi is the latest addition, a tiny house that was completed at the end of last year for a couple who hasn’t had any previous experience with this type of dwellings. “Simple” seems to be the word that’s most often used to describe what the couple wanted and what characterizes this new build. But a simplicity that’s very well thought out and matched by a clever layout and minimalistic decor.

Their team were also excellent problem solvers, with creative solutions that didn't compromise our wants and needs. As a result, our home is beautifully crafted and as efficient as you could imagine,” said Leina and Peter about the folks at Build Tiny, who seem to always find ingenious ways of dealing with space limitations.

Laser Kiwi Tiny Home
Laser Kiwi measures a little over seven feet (2.1 meters) but has enough room for a large bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and a big his-and-her closet. Described by Build Tiny as a “simple but stylish home,” Laser Kiwi is the perfect “tiny piece of paradise” for one or two people at most.

The plain and minimalistic silhouette with a steel frame and double glazed aluminum windows reveals a warm, welcoming interior in neutral tones. The first thing that stands out is the small living area with a cozy couch, which also separates the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with all the modern appliances, including a full-size fridge. The kitchen cabinets and the open shelves create additional storage room without cluttering the area.

The kitchen also creates a warm atmosphere without the addition of any unnecessary accessories by simply combining the neutral-toned birch plywood with a red accent splash back. The generous closets are placed by the entrance door, again without cluttering the floor or taking away space from the living area. Like most Build Tiny creations, Laser Kiwi also features a wooden staircase that doubles as an ample storage space.

Laser Kiwi Tiny Home
Upstairs, the bedroom doesn’t have room for more than a generous bed, but the windows flood it with natural light, making it feel more spacious. Another ingenious solution was to add a full-height headboard that also acts as a safety barrier, fitted with open shelves and cabinets for extra storage.

In terms of power, this friendly dwelling is equipped with an on-grid 16-amp caravan connection, as well as off-grid solar power.

Like all the other Build Tiny homes, Laser Kiwi is based on a trailer that’s made locally by Bay Engineering Solutions (BES). Over the years, this detachable trailer system was further refined to match the specifics of tiny homes and is now used exclusively by Build Tiny.

Laser Kiwi Tiny Home
These trailers are designed with a chassis and a detachable steel frame that becomes the floor of the tiny house. This is meant to allow much more flexibility when maneuvering the house. Plus, since the trailer can be removed from underneath with simple lifting jacks, it can be used for something else when the house isn’t being used, and it can be taken to a service station regularly, which will keep it in good shape for longer.

The price of Laser Kiwi wasn’t disclosed, but a turn-key Build Tiny creation goes up to 200,000 NZD (around $127,000).


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