LARTE Black Crystal V-Class Is Luxurious, but Also Wrong

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Photo: Guido ten Brink / SB-Medien
LARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak CrystalLARTE Design V-Class Blak Crystal
We love the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class. We like other multi-seat vans that allow you to turn a road trip into a memorable event shared with a whole bunch of friends as well, but the V-Class has something that sets it apart. It's large but easy to drive, very comfortable and has a nice-looking interior - three features that make it the perfect vehicle to swallow up mile after mile of asphalt.
For somebody who drives an ordinary mid-sized sedan or a hatchback, the V-Class is fine the way it is. However, should you happen to get out of your Rolls-Royce (or make it a Mercedes-Maybach, so as to not switch sides) and, for some reason, be forced to climb into a V-Class, you'll politely decline to seat down in an attempt to touch as little of it as possible.

That would make you the client LARTE Design is after with this Mercedes-Benz V-Class conversion. Named after another LARTE product, the G-Class Black Crystal, the van has been completely overhauled both inside and out. The exterior gets a tuning package consisting of new composite front and rear bumpers, the former sporting a pair of inlaid crystals, hence half of the vehicle's name. The other half pays dividends to the dark paint scheme.

The V-Class Black Crystal's interior is actually built by Klassen, a German company specialized in work such as this. It's unclear whether Klassen is responsible only for the execution, or it played a role in the cabin's design as well, but what we do know is that the interior is so busy, it literally hurts your eyes and tires your brain. Look at it for a few seconds and then close your eyes: it's still there, right? It dug a hole in your retina and refuses to come out. The only way to force it out would be to look straight into a camera flash (no, seriously, don't try that).

Those wide veneered surfaces look like they're some kind of marble stone, which makes the V-Class cabin come off as a posh toilet. We have no doubt that all the materials used are of top-quality and the craftsmanship is impeccable, it's just that luxury is about more than just cramming as many expensive things as possible in one place. And that's exactly what LARTE Design appears to have done with the V-Class Black Crystal.
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