Lane-Splitting: The "It's Not Fair" BS Episode

I guess I'll have to keep writing such editorials until the day lane-splitting becomes legal all over the planet or at least is getting close to this status. It's not the first time I pick this subject, and it looks like it's not going to be the last either. In fact, I guess I will dedicate an editorial episode to the multiple "reasons" invoked by those who are against lane-splitting.
The recent developments in Oregon indicated that only a small fraction of the law-making bodies and local authorities are really capable of understanding what 21st-century traffic is and the way it behaves. Honestly, I am puzzled each time I hear such "motivations" from the legislators.

And things become truly unnerving when the riding community is treated like a bunch of retards. NO firm evidence is ever offered to support the killing of lane-splitting-favorable laws. It's all down to some politically correct horse manure and various "opinions," most of them coming from people who do not ride and who don't have a clue about what riding a bike in busy traffic is.

On the other hand, those who support lane-splitting DO have evidence to back their claims. We've seen the California Highway Patrol explaining in common terms the common-sense guidelines for splitting lanes safely.

We've also had people from Berkeley study the matter and munch tons of statistics, and reveal that there is nothing inherently dangerous to splitting lanes. Or at least, nothing that's significantly more dangerous that riding them damn motorbikes, anyway.

Is anyone even listening to what these chaps have to say? Of course, there are some who pay attention, but unfortunately, it's the very guys that DON'T need such proof, simply because they ride on a daily basis, and they know the truth. Those who are supposed to act in favor of the taxpayers turn a deaf ear and do as they please.

The outcome of their emotion-driven fallacies is stagnant at best, if not even downright retrograde, instead of progressive. The world suffers from traffic congestions and is trying to reduce carbon emissions, but some people just won't accept the facts.

Why this is is more or less beyond my power of understanding. I mean, I could think about explaining this type of silly, stuck-in-time behavior, but I believe it would definitely include profanity.

The "it's not fair" BS

One of the things that unnerve riders the most is the "it's not fair." This is the lousiest complaint ever, period. The guys who say it's not fair that riders are allowed to filter ahead in very slow or stuck traffic are plain a-holes. I know I may be a tad offensive, but it's less offensive than the claim itself.

It's exactly like hearing a Hummer driver say it's not fair to be forced to witness a Smart driver fitting in a parking spot they won't. These deluded fellows could do well and understand that the small footprint and girth of a bike is something that comes with the very vehicle in a natural way.

The same natural way a driver doesn't have to cope with the rain in the warm, cozy confinement of their cockpit. As natural as a bike that falls to the ground when left all by itself and as natural as all the amenities of a luxury sedan.

Being a jerk when seeing a rider pass by only tells me that such people are jerks indeed. Riders knew they could fit through narrow spaces when they decided they should get a bike, so seeing them trying to reach their destination is not unlike other motorists try to do the same when they can. Trikes won't, but they would, if they could. Just as everyone would.

Of course, the biggest problem is the fact that cars are either stuck for hours or moving very slowly in stop and go traffic. Seeing someone getting away, just because their vehicle is smaller and agiler may be a bit frustrating, it's true. But I doubt that any of these drivers feels ashamed when they are warm and comfy in their cars and spot a rider in the cold drizzle.

People are not filtering through the traffic to unnerve someone and laugh in the face of stuck motorists. Surely, some idiots will do this, but they are so few that we could safely ignore them, even from a statistician's point of view. People get in front because they can, and because they are going somewhere. Just like the rest of the guys in the road.

Saying that it's not fair to allow them to pass in front of the congestion and thus FREE the road is dumb, unfounded and counterproductive. In a way, it's as dumb as hearing a motocross rider saying that it's unfair that a guy on an S1000RR can lean so low in a turn. Or a Street Glide owner complaining that Marc Coma flying across rocky trails in the desert on their Dakar-spec KTM is a sight they cannot withstand... because the H-D can't do that.

Seriously, people, get a grip! No rider is trying to make you feel hurt, and they're not trying to get the spot ahead of you. Nor are they interested in riding two cars ahead. Or three. They will just try to GET AHEAD. Because they can, and because their vehicle of choice allows them to.

Just as you chose your vehicle for what it can do, they chose theirs for what it can do. And in slow traffic, their vehicle can do better, try to accept this and live with it.

Any rider in their right mind (and most of them ARE in their right mind, as opposed to what many drivers believe) will be tenfold more careful and aware when trying to get ahead. Again, because it's only natural.

Do check out part two for for more ranting. Ride safe and watch those side mirrors!
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