Lane Splitting Plus Careless Driver Equals Pain

Crazy crash in Thailand 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Only idiots would argue on how helpful lane splitting is for less congestion in traffic… when done the right way. Still, riding in between the lanes is not legal in all the countries or states, though more and more lawmakers seem like the are gradually beginning to understand its benefits. Once more, when done right.
Even when a rider is as careful as it gets when deciding to ride between the lanes, he or she is risking quite a lot, and that is because not all the drivers are as aware of the bikes which may be in their immediate surroundings. And what’s even worse, some drivers are only rarely using their mirrors to check for the surrounding traffic.

I guess it’s hard to find a rider who has never been cut off even as he or she was riding legally in their lane. Some motorists are simply too ignorant and they don’t realize this until t’s too late and the damage is done.

Well, as “less safe” riding a motorcycle is (to avoid using “dangerous”), it looks like splitting lanes in Asian countries well-known to the chaotic traffic behavior is simply tossing a coin and hope for the best. Unfortunately, riders are the most exposed to severe injuries, and adding in the utter carelessness, in some cases even criminal carelessness of other motorists, such as the cab driver in this video, should be more than enough for riding more on the safe side. Or not.

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