Lane Splitter Handles Road Rager Like A Champ

Road rage against lane splitter 5 photos
Photo: screenshot from YouTube/Zlurz
Road rage on lane splitterRoad rage on lane splitterRoad rage on lane splitterRoad rage on lane splitter
As you may have heard, more states are pushing for legalizing lane splitting, and, either you want it or not, some car drivers will get mad about this practice. Which is why you should practice your zen state and be ready for such baboons’ reactions.
One of the most recent examples that surfaced the Internet is this rider from California, a state where lane splitting has been tolerated for quite some time. Still, there are some short-fused selfish drivers that explode if you get past their car on a motorcycle.

So, the man was lane splitting, minding his own business, wasn’t showing off and definitely was not speeding. After a while, a beige sedan pulls up into the next lane and the driver starts swearing at our biker in question.

The motorcyclist didn’t even bother responding and only used sign language to suggest the driver is speaking without thinking. The latter got madder, threw a handful of quarters at the rider and got out of his car.

He then started to threaten the biker and went on to put his “tough guy show taking off his sweater” as explained in the description. At the same time, the motorcyclist put his bike on the side stand and took position to defend himself in case of a potential attack.

However, the douchebag got scared of something and went back into his car, continuing to swear and threaten. In the meantime, our guy maintained his composure and even allowed the douchebag to go ahead.

But the baboon was still enraged and went on try and cause the biker to crash by swerving into and brake checking him. Luckily, our rider calmly let the idiot do his thing and split ways further down the road.

This is how everyone should deal with crazy road ragers. Don’t escalate the tension, say nothing and just stare at them. Be ready to protect yourself in case some lunatic tries to come and hurt you, but don’t make them madder while behind the wheel.

Keep in mind they are governing roughly 2 tons of metal while being protected by airbags and soft plastics. On the other hand, you only have a helmet, some leather, and armor padding. Definitely not a fair fight.

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