Land Rover Discovery Sport Races Dogsled Champion in Finland

Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. dogsled champion 5 photos
Photo: Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. Finnish dogsled championLand Rover Discovery Sport vs. Finnish dogsled championLand Rover Discovery Sport vs. Finnish dogsled championLand Rover Discovery Sport vs. Finnish dogsled champion
Today turns out to be a bit of a tunnel day. After Elon Musk published a picture of a Tesla Model S inside the hole left behind by the Boring Company's boring machine, we find out that Land Rover has been doing very different shenanigans involving underground constructions over in Northern Europe.
Finland may have part of its territory beyond the Arctic Circle, but that doesn't mean it's covered in snow 365 days a year. And with a reputation to uphold in dogsled racing, the country's champions need a place to train at all times.

That place is located 35 meters (115 feet) underground, meaning it's cold enough to have snow and ice at any time. That makes it the perfect training ground for the dogsled teams, and also the ideal proving ground for the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The British manufacturer is just as careful about its off-road credentials as the Fins are with theirs in dogsled competitions, so this little race is important for both parties. Described as "horsepower versus dog power" despite there being no horses around, it may seem like a scenario specifically set out to make the Land Rover look good.

Well, since it's a publicity stunt organized by the company, what would you expect. But since trashing a group of six cute dogs led by a pretty Fin lady (that would be middle distance champion Laura Kääriäinen) wouldn't have looked good, the SUV had to overcome some extra obstacles on the track.

With plenty of wheelspin and zero paw spin, the two contenders set off in opposite directions. The Disco Sport takes an early lead, but almost halfway through it is forced to slow down as it approaches a few blocks of ice embedded in the floor - the obstacles we mentioned before.

It's the perfect occasion for the Land Rover to display its wheel articulations and traction control system, but also for the dogs to make a comeback. With the finish line drawing closer, it's time to build up the drama. The two are featured clawing (literally, for one of the sides) at the snow in the last turn before making the sprint.

There was no doubt from the beginning who would win, but if it means watching an SUV have fun in the snow alongside a few fluffy dogs, then we can't say we mind. For some of us, mixing dogs and cars is akin to George Costanza eating and having sex at the same time.

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