Lancia Now Makes Electric Bicycles, Because That's What Customers Want, Right?

A mere shadow of its former self, Lancia currently has a single car in its portfolio, the aging third-generation Ypsilon small hatchback, which has been around since 2011. As for their latest product, it has two instead of four wheels, and a tiny electric motor.
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Lancia e-bikeLancia e-bikeLancia e-bikeLancia e-bikeLancia e-bikeLancia e-bike
Yep, we’re talking about a bicycle, or four to be more precise, made in collaboration with Platum. These target both men and women, with the former category being able to get the Estro and Genio, and the latter the Brio and Incanto.

With emphasis on e-mobility, the electric bikes can be stored in the trunk of the Ypsilon, obviously, and they come with a brake lever that features a motor cut-off sensor, said to improve the performance of the braking system. Turning on the lights, and choosing between the three levels of assistance can be done via the LED display, which is waterproof.

Featuring a 250W brushless rear motor, and a 218Wh battery, the Brio has a top speed of 25 kph (16 mph), and a 60-km (37-mile) range. The Incanto and Estro sport the same motor, and a 374Wh battery, and have a range of 70 km (43 miles) on a single charge. Finally, the Genio, which is described as a trekking e-bike, has identical specs to the Incanto and Estro and mirrors their autonomy as well.

Lancia’s e-bikes are already up for grabs and can be bought from their dealer network. Interested parties will also find them in specialized electronic stores, and online. The Platum Lancia Ypsilon Brio is the most affordable of the four, carrying a recommended retail price of €1,049 (equal to $1,062) in Italy. The Incanto and Estro are the mid-range offerings, priced from €1,249 ($1,264), and the Genio is the most expensive one. The range-topper can be had from €1,499 ($1,517).
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