Lancia Not Dead - New American-Designed Sedan on the Way!

Last week we reported that the Fiat group would be giving up on the Lancia brand, yet now we have some more reassuring news on the matter. According to, it turns out that the group still believes that the famed brand still has commercial appeal, and lots of it.
Lancia Thema 1 photo
Their source claims that even now, designers in Detroit are hard at work imagining Lancia and Chrysler models which would appeal to both the European market, as well as the US market. From what we gather, the two brands will share their underpinnings, and the first offering will probably by a mid-sized sedan which will take the fight to the Germans.

The new Lancias will have their own style and retain some of what made the brand famous over the years, yet new Lancias will not be overly-styled, like the Delta and latest Ypsilon, adopting a more understated approach. According to the source, this will not simply be a case of rebadging Chrysler models, as they have done with the Thema (300C) and Flavia (the 200 Convertible).


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