Lamborghini Urus with Rear Bumper Delete Looks like It's Squatting

The modded Lamborghini Urus sitting in front of us looks ridiculous, doesn't it? Well, there are a few reasons for this and while some of them are nothing to fret about, others do deserve some worries.
Lamborghini Urus "rear bumper delete" 1 photo
At first, it might seem like we're dealing with a Lamborghini Urus rear bumper delete. You see, eschewing the rear apron is already a thing among owners of tuned Raging Bulls. However, the usual suspect is usually a Gallardo or a Huracan that has gained a twin-turbo kit, with the removal of the fascia allowing the boost hardware to be visible. Heck, certain owners remove quite a lot of the body panels...

Of course, this Urus will be reunited with its rear bumper, once the folks over at RDBLA are done modding it - as expected, the need for individulaity among LA aficioandos is sky-high, hence the popularity of the said shop, which has worked with multiple stars.

However, this Sant'Agata Bolognese machine now sits much closer to the ground than when it left the factory. And this is ridiculous, unless the lowering is the result of an air suspension installation, in which case the driver can always bring the car back up.

You see, the Italian automotive producer insisted on the Urus packing real all-terrain abilities when designing the car, which is why simply reducing the ride height can be a problem.

Then again, those who wish to own an even sportier Urus will have their way in the future. The most recent confirmation of the fact that the SUV will receive multiple derivatives came from Andrea Baldi, Lamborghini EMEA CEO (here's the interview we had earlier this month).

In fact, the carmaker is set to introduce the Urus ST-X racecar, which will receive a one-make racing series next year. And Lamborghini might just build a road-going version of the ST-X, in a process similar to the one that brought us the Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale.


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