Lamborghini Urus SUV to Participate in Unspecified "All-Roads Competition"

For a brand that used to produce agricultural machinery and already has one SUV under its belt - from even before they were called that - you would think the news of a new high-riding all-wheel-drive model shouldn't rock the boat.
Lamborghini Urus 1 photo
Photo: Lamborghini
And yet the Urus held the headlines for quite a bit last year when it was officially introduced. Unlike the LM001 and LM002 - and somewhat similar to the LM003 concept - the new SUV is a very close representation of Lamborghini's design language adapted to a much taller and bigger vehicle.

The Sant'Agata supercars have nothing left to prove when it comes to sheer presence and on-road performance. Even if the Ferrari duel will go on for as long as both brands exist, they each have gained their share of the market and pose no real commercial threat to one another. Just like in the beginning, when Lamborghini started making sports cars, it's more about pride than anything else these days as well.

When it comes to off-road prowess, however, Lamborghini is a newbie. It may benefit from the expertise inside the Volkswagen Group with its participation in numerous editions of the Dakar rally, but that surely isn't enough to paint Lambo as a specialist in this field. Besides, it wouldn't bode well for the prestigious brand to tap the success of a mainstream name like Volkswagen to boost its credentials.

According to British publication Autocar, Lamborghini decided to address that by entering the Urus into an "all-roads competition" of its own. What type exactly and who it will be competing against is something Lambo will announce at a later date, probably toward the end of the year.

In case you're thinking about Pike's Peak, don't. That's where Bentley just announced it would take the Bentayga V12-powered SUV this year, so that slot is taken. "We will choose a form of competition intended only for our class of vehicle," Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini CEO said. "Our car has many faces. You can enjoy its beauty, it is very fast on the track, very fast off road and very fast on gravel. We will choose something that combines all of these things.”

Well, that certainly leaves quite a lot of doors open, so it's impossible to guess at this time where exactly Lambo is headed. One thing is certain, however: in a welcome change from VW Group's latest activity, it won't have anything to do with electric powertrains.
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