Lamborghini Urus Pickup Truck Is a Modern LM002: Rendering

Sure, a Lamborghini Urus pickup truck might seem like something to ignite a rant at any given time. Then again, wasn’t Lambo’s first off-road machine, the LM002, a pickup?
Lamborghini Urus Pickup Truck Rendering 3 photos
Lamborghini Urus Pickup Truck RenderingLamborghini Urus Pickup Truck Rendering
The conditions might have changed quite a lot in the three decades that separate us from the introduction of the LM002 and yet this Urus truck follows the same principle that guided the 1980s machine - it shocks.

After all, Lamborghini may have plenty of technical assets, but they’re more about the show than anything else, so the image, which comes from pixel master Theophilus Chin, is not that far off the track after all.

Of course, such a creation would never be approved by the folks over in Sant’Agata Bolognese. That is, unless some Middle Eastern oil tycoon doesn’t order a dozen.

We’ll remind you the story could be somewhat similar to what happened in Bentley’s case. Four years before the Crewe-based carmaker was acquired by the VW Group in 1998, the Brits built their first SUV. Dubbed Dominator, which was sitting on a Range Rover platform, with the Sultan of Brunei grabbing the limited production.

Of course, the “standard” Urus has to be approved before such an eccentric move could ever be imagined. We’ll remind you that while the Urus concept has already been set free into the world of car shows, the production model hasn’t been green-lighted yet. Still, the Italian government is pushing for that to happen.

The Bentley Bentayga, which is set to arrive shortly, will give us a clear indication on what the affluent clientele regards such models. And yes, we do expect this to sell like edible gold-plated hot cakes.

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