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Lamborghini Urus "Muscle Man" Looks Like a Body Builder, Has Big Chin

Never has Lamborghini been the topic of as many aftermarket jobs as the Raging Bull enjoys nowadays. And the Urus is no exception to this, with more and more custom incarnations of the super-SUV showing up.
Lamborghini Urus "Muscle Man" 3 photos
Lamborghini Urus "Muscle Man" renderingLamborghini Urus "Muscle Man" rendering
Case in point with the monster that brought us here. As the keen-eyed among you have already noticed, we're dealing with a rendering, not an actual tuning kit. However, if we compare these styling cues to the ones we've already seen on the market, it quickly becomes obvious that the rendering we have here could easily lead to a build in the real world.

We're looking at a widebody kit, which is one of the strongest trends on the world wide web, whether we're talking about renderings of real projects. And perhaps the most striking feature of this aero work comes from the fact that it makes the Urus appear muscular in a way you might expect from a human, rather than a car.

In theory, the said approach shouldn't work, especially since it involves rounded styling cues that have to mix with the angular design of the Lamborghini.

The eye-catching shade of green that covers most of the Sant'Agata Bolognese model's body is joined by multiple forged composite (think: carbon included) elements - this is a material often seen on custom factory builds complete via the carmaker's Ad Personam division.

As for the connection to the road, this seems to be established via air suspension, while a set of Motegi Racing wheels is also involved.

The custom shoes of the 650 horsepower SUV feature a finish that generates stark contrast when placed on this Lambo. And the design of the rims seems to go well with the styling of the machine they serve.

Jota Automotive is the label we must thank for this eye candy, with the specialist also taking the time to deliver a zoom-in approach, as you'll notice in the second Instagram post below.


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