Lamborghini Urus Cabrio: the Topless Bull Rendered

We think Winkelmann finally got the approval he needs from Volkswagen to put the Urus into production SUV. The Italians will surely make a vehicle unlike anything else we've ever seen, a blend of carbon fiber, aluminum and maybe, if we're lucky, a few layers of fabric.
Lamborghini Urus Convertible 1 photo
The SUV market is blending with elements from coupes to create cars like the BMW X5, Range Rover Evoque and more recently the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Yes, that's a convertible SUV with seating for four. It hasn't exactly been the most successful car ever, but Land Rover copied the idea and revealed a convertible Evoque concept last year.

We're not sure if the idea blends to something like the Urus, but Lamborghini does make a roofless version of every supercar, so you can't blame Theophilus Chin for making this rendering.

If you're still disgusted by the idea of a convertible Lamborghini SUV, try to think of it another way: what's cooler than riding in a huge SUV with a big V10 engine and having the back seats packed with beautiful models. You can't do that right now, can you!

Rendering by Theophilus Chin


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