UPDATE: Lamborghini Secretly Plotted the Huracan Sterrato in the Gallardo Era

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Ladies and gentlemen drivers, allow me to point out that, while the introduction of the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is a surprise, the jportscar (jacked up sportscar) genre it represents has been gaining traction slowly, but steadily over the past few years.
Heck, I've been talking about jporstscars ever since I took a Ferrari FF offroading and noticed how nice it all feels. Meanwhile, the Internet has given us tons of renderings portraying offroading-savvy supercars, along with the occasions real-world build mixing such assets, such as this YouTuber's... Lamborghini Huracan "rally car" (the quotes are there since the car still needs serious tech work to deserve that status, being more of an attention magnet that anything else).

Well, Sant'Agata Bolognese itself has now come up with a Huracan that likes to play in the dirt (the name of this concept car can be translated as "dirt road").

We're looking at a Huracan Evo that has been gifted with the kind of tech goodies required by rugged terrain adventures. The list includes 47mm (1.85 inches) of ground clearance, 30mm (1.2 inches) wider tracks, as well as fat offroad tires delivered by Pirelli (those sidewalls look more generous than what I've seen on some tuned SUVs). Accomodating the new tires required the front axle to be moved slightly forward.

One of the Evo's party pieces, namely the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) electronic brain has been updated to cope with offroading demands. Keep in mind this controls the AWD, all-wheel-steer, active dampers, torque vectoring, as well as yaw and traction control.

Even without the ride height doing the work for you, it's easy to tell the Sterrato apart from the standard Huracan. And that's thanks to underbody reinforcements and body protection.

The underbody skid plates are my favorite. Check this out: "[Protection includes] a rear skid plate that acts as a diffuser. Aluminum reinforcements are integrated within the front frame and covered with an aluminum skid plate, with aluminum-reinforced side skirts,"

And there's more: "Special protective composite bodywork includes stone-deflecting protection around the engine and air intakes and mud guards in hybrid materials of carbon fiber and elastomeric resin,"

As for those LED lights that are so popular nowadays, these simply had to be there (don't you want to see where you're mudding around at night?).

Of course, a series model, which will probably be a limited edition, still requires a bit of extra work to achieve the offroading numbers one dreams of.

That's because the design of the Huracan still limits that important front approach angle: "Its appearance immediately illustrates the Sterrato's imposing off-road abilities within the framework of a super sports car. Ground clearance is heightened by 47 mm, with the car's front approach sharpened by 1% and the departure angle enhanced by 6.5%,"

Series production?

Lamborghini reminds us (honestly, this was neccesary) that test driver Bob Wallace converted the Jarama and Urraco into desert stormers back in the 70s, which is how we ended up with the 1973 Jarama Rally and the 1974 Uraco Rally (check them out at the end of the gallery below).

Besided, supercar collector Kris Singh took to Instagram to share that the Raging Bull has been considering building an offroading supercar way before the Huracan was born. You can check out his post below.

Then there's Lamborghini's recently rediscovered love of rough terrain - keep in mind that the Urus is set to receive an ST-X racecar conversion, which might serve as an inspiration for a road-going special edition (for instance, the recipe has been used before, with the Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale).

For the love of LM002, Lamborghini, please build this thing! We need machines that can take the unbeaten path, but without the disconnected driving experience SUVs inevitably offer.

Update:It looks like I'm not the only one who feels the Sterrato's rugged terrain abilities need to be dialed up a bit. And here's a rendering showcasing a potential result (who knows? perhaps the Raging Bull is paying attention to this feedback and may integrate it into the potential production model).

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Rambo Lambo? How about Huracan Rally Car?? This is the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato!!! I bet you didn’t see this one coming! What other brand would have the character to do this in 2019 with a rear mid engine super car? This is the spiritual successor to the Lancia Stratos we have all longed for. I first heard about this idea well before the first iteration of the Huracan was released so it’s been in the works a long time. @reggiani.maurizio is the man. Seriously, he is the unsung hero that has made Lamborghini what it is today. Maurizio, AMAZING!!!! Please make me one!! O O Lamborghini invited the 5 or so top journalists to drive it and I hear I @jonnylieberman Hwas one of the few. Go to his page to read about what this is and more importantly, what it’s like to drive it!!! #JealousMuch O3O/. FYI “Sterrato” means “dirt” in Italian - How cool is that?!! I want more dirt in my life. ) _____________________________________________________________ #Lamborghini #Huracan #Sterrato #HuracanSterrato #LamborghiniHuracanSterrato #Rally #RamboLambo #RallyLambo #Dirt #CoolestThingEver #RallyCar #Lancia #Stratos #LanciaStratos #LamborghiniRallyCar #Huracan63 #WOW #SOMUCHWANT #MaurizioReggiani #MaurizioReggianiIsTheMan #RallyTime #Amazing #KrisSingh #BLESSED

A post shared by Kris Singh (@lamborghiniks) on Jun 4, 2019 at 6:00am PDT

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